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Programs Offered...

Private and Semi-Private Coaching 

For aspiring performers of all genres, who require additional training on the art of performance through their chosen craft. Emphasis on style, technique, expression, music appreciation and movement are incorporated as required. Coaching is tailored to suit each individual need or circumstance, whether it be performing and/or career direction (preparation for competition, auditions, career transition etc.)


Stretch & Strength  

For formerly trained young dancers/gymnasts who want to maintain their flexibility and strength. These classes will combine Pilates, Yoga and various dance styles geared for performers from all backgrounds. Also great for those just starting out or need to get into shape to improve or gain flexibility and strength through proper dance training techniques and practices.

Dance Technique 

A comprehensive in-depth approach to the art of dance through applying the classical styles of dance through Ballet, Modern, and Jazz techniques. Barre Work, Centre Practice, and Combinations will be taught, with emphasis on rhythm, movement and musicality.


Art of Performance 

Nurturing the essence of artistic expression through self-awareness, self-appreciation, and self-commitment. Understanding, analyzing and acknowledging the ‘truth’ as to why we perform and where it stems from, in order to execute the best possible outcome to achieve success.


Adult Classes and sessions are also available! 

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